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South Carolina deputy becomes child's godfather 1 year after saving her life


(Photo:{ }Kemira Boyd)

BERKELEY COUNTY, S.C. (WCIV) – It was a miraculous moment in Berkeley County back in 2019.

William Kimbro pulled over a vehicle for speeding. He found a frantic mom and a 12-day-old baby not breathing.

Kimbro jumped into action and saved the child's life.

Ryleigh and the deputy are now good friends and, after Wednesday night, even more than that.

It was June 11th, 2019.

"Today, one year ago, is the day that I met Ryleigh when I saved her life," said Kimbro.

Pretty strong words. Let that sink in. He saved her life. So when the doorbell rang on Wednesday night, Kimbro couldn't wipe the smile away.

"There is Miss Ryleigh and her mom walking in. You got to be kidding me. You surprised me. You got me," he said.

It's not like Kimbro hasn't seen her lately.

"May 31st was Miss Ryleigh's 1-year-old birthday. It was phenomenal. We went to the birthday. It was great," he said.

Last week, Kimbro came bearing gifts. Last night, it was Ryleigh.

"She hands my wife and I these envelopes with a penny on them. She said, 'you'll need the penny.' She said, 'you'll need to read the card out loud.'" Kimbro explained.

Underneath the scratcher, it read, "Will you be my godfather? My jaw just dropped. I just had this look on my face, looked at Ryleigh. I said, 'absolutely, absolutely,' and my wife got the same card. Throughout the year, I reflected many times and in particular that day. [I] always asked myself, what was the reason I went down that street? There were five, six, seven other streets I could have gone down before going down that particular road. I could never answer that question. I just stopped trying. God works in mysterious ways," said Kimbro.

Now, there's no mystery who her godparents are.