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Postponed wedding? Couples can register for Domino's delicious 'Rain Check Registry'

(Photo: Domino's)

WASHINGTON (SBG) – Bummed that your wedding was postponed due to the coronavirus? Domino's Pizza has a delicious distraction while you work to replan all the events.

Couples who create a "Rain Check Registry" can choose from a variety of different packages including the "Let The Countdown Begin...Again!" and "Bridal Shower, But Make It Virtual." You can then share the list with friends and family using a special URL or social media post.

"We created Domino's Wedding Registry because pizza-loving couples have shared over the years how Domino's pizza was a part of their big day," said Kate Trumbull, vice president of advertising. "With so many weddings being postponed or scaled back in 2020, we knew those couples might need some extra love from those around them, because everything is better with pizza."

Each registry gift comes in the form of an eGift card to be spent on the Domino's website.

Couples whose wedding is still on can create a "Wedding Registry" and enjoy similar pizza and dessert packages. Domino's also says couples don't have to be registered to receive these online gifts — simply fill out the form and they'll be notified over email.

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