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Parents test the will power of their toddlers with 'Fruit Snack Challenge'

Fruit snack challenge (Submitted by Lynn Faamausili of Midvale)

UTAH (KUTV) – The #fruitsnackchallenge is alive and well in the Beehive State.

Parents submitted videos to 2News via Chime In of how the experiment worked with their toddlers. The idea of tempting the tots derives from a psychologist Walter Mischel testing children’s willpower at Stanford University with the Marshmallow Test. The test was done in the 1960s to study the science of self-control in children under 5.

A marshmallow was placed in front of a child and then the child was told he or she could have a second marshmallow by waiting 15 minutes without eating the first one. Some waited and others didn't. The same holds true decades later.

Lynn Faamausili of Midvale labeled her video, "Toddler fail," that showed her daughter giving in to temptation but only by a lick.

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Another video submitted by Andrea Fabian-Richardson shows her son disobeying to wait until she returns to the room to eat candy in an orange bowl. His shirt reads, "Mighty Sleepy," but it is safe to say he probably was wide awake from a sugar rush.

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Celebrities have also tested their children. Kylie Jenner posted a video of her daughter, Stormi, on Instagram doing the challenge. The little girl is heard whispering to herself, "Patience, patience," and is elated upon the return of her mother so she can indulge in chocolate treats. The reward was also more than 11.2 million views of the video.

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