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New live stream at 'The Conjuring' house just in time for Halloween

A new live stream at "The Conjuring" house is coming just in time for Halloween. (WJAR)

(WJAR) — Just in time for Halloween, the next "live-streaming" paranormal investigation in the Harrisville house made famous in the "The Conjuring" takes place this weekend.

Many who have lived there say it's a hot-bed of unexplained "out of this world" activity.

The first ever world-wide live interactive paranormal investigation that took place this past May unearthed more questions than answers. Like what's causing the repeated black smoke apparitions in the house now owned by Cory Heinzen. Or what looks like old fashioned camera flashbulbs popping off.

Heinzen admits "it's strange. There is a lingering smell of ozone" after that happens. And it's happened a lot since he moved into the house a year-and-a-half ago. Or images on an accelerometer that detects movement and vibrations, that then connects the dots. When he and his family arrived, they found a hand-drawn picture of what looked like an old woman in the basement.

"It just looks like a child saw something, drew a picture of it. We had a team in here, they caught a figure on the structured light sensing camera, of a figure with a bent neck, and it actually interacted with them," he said.

A new team of paranormal investigators are prepping for the next even taking place over three days this Halloween weekend. Nick Groff (on Instagram and other social "nick.groff") is one of them, that just wants to "get to the bottom of what or who is this entity that is haunting this place."

One of the highlights of the live-stream event will be a séance at an antique table in one of the first floor center rooms, presided over by a wiccan, where 47 years ago, a similar séance didn't end very well.

Heinzen said "it ended up possessing Carolyn Perron," the matriarch of the family that lived in the house from 1970 until 1980, documented in her daughter Andrea Perron's trilogy of books "House of Darkness, House of Light."

Heinzen goes on to say it caused "her to contort and twist and speak in foreign tongue that people couldn't understand. Then ultimately, it led to her being thrown 20 feet into the next room."

Four cameras in all will live stream 24/7, ending Sunday morning at 3 a.m., with guests and tests. $5 get you access. Maybe you'll hear the beyond through the "spirit boxes."

Nick D'Angelo makes the devices, and explained, "The things that are outside of our hearing, it enhances then comes through the speaker."

Groff was using one of the boxes earlier this week, walking through the house. He felt a presence and heard footsteps on the second floor he said, when the house was empty.

"I was saying, 'Can we do the séance, are you okay with that?'" The answer was "I dare you."

Youtuber and documentary film-maker Seth Borden is along for the ride. He's experiencing a "nervous excitement if I can put it that way?"