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Florida woman climbs into Big Lots ceiling to avoid shoplifting charges

Kristina Perkins.PNG
Florida woman climbs into Big Lots ceiling to avoid being caught for shoplifting // Photos courtesy of Charlotte County Sheriff's Office press release, linked to below

PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla. (WSBT) -- A woman in Florida hatched an unusual plan while trying to avoid shoplifting charges at Big Lots, police say.

According to the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office, deputies responded to reports of a female shoplifter at the store on the evening of October 4. The manager told police the woman, identified as Kristina Perkins, was inside the store and had gone into the women's restroom with a cart full of merchandise.

The manager told Perkins law enforcement was on the way and barricaded the door with garbage cans, according to the release. When the manager walked in and noticed tiles missing from the ceiling, that's when things got strange.

Deputies discovered Perkins had crawled into the ceiling tiles. They made visual contact with her but say she disregarded their commands and kept moving to other locations. A search began with the help of Charlotte County Fire & EMS that went until after midnight. During the search, officials found Perkins' bag that contained syringes along with white residue on a spoon that tested positive for morphine.

Finally, just before 1:45 a.m., police say Perkins lowered herself down using a stack of shelves, and she was immediately arrested.

The Big Lots location reported significant damage and will remain closed until repairs are completed.