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Dog goes missing, video surveillance shows man with dog

A local family says a security guard was caught on video with their dog on a leash, however, they still have not gotten him back. (Christy Wilcox | KSNV)

Surveillance cameras caught a man walking a dog on a leash into the Copper Creek Club House. Julia Hignite says the dog on the video is her family dog, Rocco.

The family started handing out flyers after Rocco went missing, but there has been no sight of him for almost a week.

As they kept looking Hignite said they caught word the dog had been seen on a leash with a community security guard. That's when video surveillance was checked and sure enough, confirmation of the situation.

"The dog was seen at the park and clubhouse area with one of the security guards. We thought that was odd because we've been checking with security," said Hignite.

The company he worked for, American Star Guard Services, says the man in the video is Hugo Castellanos-Martinez.

The general manager, Marc Wager, said Castellanos-Martinez was fired that same week for unrelated work issues. He worked for the company for a year, passed a background check, and didn't seem to be the type to take a dog. But once he was fired, neither the company nor Hignite have been able to track him at known addresses.

Hignite said she just wants the dog back. She said anyone can drop the dog at the Animal Foundation with no questions on how they got it.

In an update to News 3, American Star Guard Services confirmed Castellanos-Martinez was arrested for a registration violation on Monday. News 3 confirmed his arrest on Clark County's website. No word if he will face charges for grand larceny. However, representatives of the security company say the dog was located at a relative of Castellanos-Martinez and they are trying to arrange to return the dog to its owner.