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Free game 'Super Bernie World' released to raise money, recruit volunteers

Super Bernie World is available on Steam and (Kitsune Games)

The ever-changing digital landscape means endless new ways for candidates to try to gain support, so it's no surprise to see politics leak into the world of video games.

Designed in the style of the classic Super Mario Bros. 3, the game Super Bernie World has players controlling Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders as he takes on "MAGAmbas, Mitch Troopas, ICE Bullets and Tiki Torchers," on a quest to defeat president Donald Trump.

The game includes the menu option "pitch in for Bernie" that includes links to donate to Sanders via ActBlue, install Sanders's Bern app, and help text, phone bank or organize with students for the Sanders campaign.

The release comes at a critical point during the Democratic nomination process, as the Vermont senator recently lost his delegate lead during Super Tuesday, and now trails former vice president Joe Biden during Super Tuesday.

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The release has echoes of some advertisements that were released by the Donald Trump campaign in 2016, when they released both a Pac-Man parody and Pokémon Go Parody about Hillary Clinton deleting her emails. However, unlike those videos, Super Bernie World is a fully-functional, playable game.

A press release about the game says that the developer, Kitsune Games, is part of a collective of game developers known as "Gamedevs for Bernie." The collective is not affiliated with the Bernie Sanders campaign, but they say they "believe Bernie Sanders is the best path forward for the United States of America."

It remains to be seen whether the game will be an effective way to mobilize supporters and gain votes during the Democratic primaries.

Super Bernie World is available for free on Steam. It can also be downloaded or played in-browser at