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Learning the ins and outs of football for new CW series 'All American'

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Learning the ins and outs of football for new CW series 'All American'

Learning the ins and outs of American football as a Brit, would be understandably difficult. Imagine then, being thrust into the spotlight, cast as a rising high school football star, inspired bt the life of an NFL player. The CW’s new drama, All American, tackles real life and high drama, starting Taye Diggs and Daniel Ezra, who had to lose his British ways to take on the role.

High school football is as American as it gets.

Heather Mills sat down with the cast and asked, “When you got the part did either of you practice the Heisman?”

Ezra laughed and said, “When I got the part I went and bought a football and carried it around for a month. He added, “I didn’t want to look British with the football.”

Diggs poked a little fun at Ezra and said, “Hey you all play football I love the Cowboys.”

Both, however say there has been a learning curve. Diggs said, “Once you get into it, it’s really intense. There’s so many layers to this game that I didn’t even realize.”

Ezra said, “In the pilot they were kind of scared to let me do anything. Now they’ve trained me up and they let me run routes.”

Diggs plays Beverly High School coach Billy Baker. He recruits a player from South Crenshaw, Spencer James, played by Ezra.

The storyline is inspired by the life of a real NFL player, Spencer Paysinger. The characters tackle drama on and off the field. Ezra said, “Being dropped into this environment that feels so unfamiliar and at first feels hostile and then once walls start to get broke down.”

“We’re all in life trying to figure out where these lines are blurred between what’s right and what’s wrong,” Diggs added.

It’s sure to be a touchdown for the CW this fall. Catch All American on Wednesday nights.