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Holocaust survivor Ben Lesser founds I-SHOUT-OUT to provide a voice to the suppressed


Ben Lesser has an incredible story to tell -- from surviving four different concentration camps, two death marches and two death trains, he has now started an organization called "I-SHOUT-OUT" as a way to dedicate his life to speaking out for those who can't.

Ben is a survivor of four different concentration camps, two death marches and two death trains (the only living survivor of the death train from Buchenwald to Dachau).

Just as Dr. King had an unwavering message of tolerance and equality across all sectors - race, gender, religion, creed – Ben founded I-SHOUT-OUT to provide a voice to the suppressed.

I-SHOUT-OUT is an interactive anti-bullying campaign designed for everyone to take a stance and speak up for what they believe in, whether against intolerance, racism, or even for peace.

While this day brings people from different backgrounds together in time of celebration and reflection, we can’t forget that discrimination and intolerance still happens today.

People can add their name at to take a stand and speak out against intolerance.

Ben Lesser was born in Krakow Poland in 1928. He had 2 brothers and 2 sisters, his older sister Lola and he are the only remaining survivors out of his immediate family of seven. The rest of his immediate family as well as his extended family who numbered in the hundreds were all slaughtered by the Nazi’s in their willing collaborators.

During those 5 years of living hell on earth, Ben was fortunate to survive several Ghetto’s and concentration camps, including the notorious Auschwitz, Buchenwald, he was liberated in Dachau.

In 1947 Ben arrived to the United States and settled in Los Angeles where he met and then married his wife Jean in 1950. Ben & Jean have been blessed with 2 daughters, 4 grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

In Los Angeles, Ben became a Realtor and had two successful Real Estate offices, Ben Lesser & Associates. He is past president of the Los Angeles Westside Beverly Hills Brokers Association.

Since 1995, after retiring to Las Vegas, Ben has been devoting his time as a volunteer, speaking in schools and colleges on The Holocaust.

Ben said that he has dedicated his present life to the pursuit of preserving the memory in order to prevent the world from contracting amnesia.

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