INTERVIEW: Paramedic Glenn Simpson was one of the first on the scene of Las Vegas shooting


We are so incredibly proud of our first responders and how they truly stepped up in this time of crisis and helped save countless lives. Glenn Simpson of Community Ambulance who was one of the first paramedics to respond on scene.

Community Ambulance released the following statement in response to the attack:

"As many of you know, our Community Ambulance paramedics, EMT's and team members were contracted to provide medical care at last night's concert before the mass shooting occurred. All of our team is okay this morning and because of their quick actions and immediate response, they were able to get people out of the scene by whatever means possible to save countless lives. Sadly, the same cannot be said for so many others who were there.

Our hearts are broken today and our prayers are with those families whose lives were forever changed by an incomprehensible act of evil.

We had dozens of other team members who immediately arrived on scene to help triage, transport and provide any assistance they could. In such a time of darkness, we are grateful for our team and the hundreds of first responders in Las Vegas rushing to help where needed and in many cases saving lives."