Contestant from Las Vegas ready to take on 'The Titan Games'

Margaux Alvarez is one of the athletes on the block for "The Titan Games" on NBC.

Just when the world is ready for some sports action, "The Titan Games" Season 2 is back on NBC, premiering Monday, May 25th.

This time around, there are two Las Vegas locals competing.

Margaux Alvarez is one of the athletes on the block. Though she wouldn't give any spoilers of what's to come, we do know this season, these ultra-athletes are also competing against NFL, UFC and Olympic stars.

"We knew obviously there were going to be a lot of physical challenges, but we kind of speculated based on last year's events," Alvarez said. "Obviously I can't go into too many details of what we went against or what we did, but it was definitely challenging physically. And I think being able to have a wide variety of training in my years definitely prepared me for that."

Alvarez has a unique background. She's a Vegas local and a fitness instructor. She can dead-lift 400 pounds. She's a seven-time CrossFit Games athlete and a wine-maker.

"That was my biggest passion, fitness and wine, and blending those two together, bringing them together to promote a message: work hard, wine down," she said.

"And that work hard could be at the gym, it could be career, school, family, whatever, and at the end of the day, relax, celebrate the struggles and embrace the success that you have along the way and enjoy with a glass or two of wine."

Her wine is called THE GOAT and it's for sale at retailers across the valley. You can cheer her on at 8 p.m. Monday night when "The Titan Games" airs on News 3.