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Las Vegas local will jump off the STRAT at midnight Thursday to ring in the new year

Ryan Smith will be the first person in history to jump from the top of the iconic tower in a custom-made suit mirroring the traditional New Year’s Eve mirror ball. (Photo: THE STRAT | WickedCreative)

Las Vegas local Ryan Smith will jump off the side of the STRAT at the stroke of midnight on December 31, ringing in the new year with an 829-foot leap.

He'll have a harness, of course, using the same equipment for the resort's bungee-jump-like SkyJump attraction.

Donning a custom-made mirror suit as a homage to the iconic New York ball, Smith -- who won an Instagram contest for the honor -- will be the first person in history to ring in the new year in such an unusual way.

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The SkyJump, a record-breaking "commercial decelerator," uses guide wires to keep jumpers like Smith on-course, and instead of snapping guests back into the air at the bottom, the SkyJump slows patrons down for a controlled landing.

Guests will also be allowed to ride the SkyJump and the rest of the STRAT's thrill rides on New Yer's eve, thanks to the lifted fireworks restrictions typically enforced on the Las Vegas Strip.

The midnight SkyJump will be viewable live on Facebook by clicking here.