Kentucky mayoral election is going to the dogs

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Thirteen dogs, a donkey, a rooster, a late cat and one human are all running for mayor in Rabbit Hash (WKRC)

RABBIT HASH, Ky. (WKRC) - Some may feel that this election season is going to the dogs but in one Northern Kentucky town that’s the point.

There are 17 candidates vying to become the next mayor of Rabbit Hash. The candidates include 13 dogs, a donkey, a rooster, a late cat and one human.

The community held its first mayoral election 22 years ago. A dog has held the title all 22 years.

The election is more of a fundraising effort for the Rabbit Hash Historical Society. The money goes to ongoing repairs, electric bills and insurance costs.

People say it’s also a welcome distraction in a contentious election season.

“It’s a wonderful distraction. It’s a good cause. We are having so much fun with it,” Rabbit Hash Historical Society treasurer, Stacy Seligman Staat, said. “Making lots of inside jokes, making lots of cracks and just basically trying to pretend like Rabbit Hash is a different place where people can have fun and forget about our troubles.”

Scott Preston echoed that sentiment. His five-year-old pooch, Cooper, a lab/golden retriever mix is vying for the title.

“It’s a very good distraction. It’s in no way political. Even though it’s running for mayor but it’s fun,” Preston said. “It raises money for a good cause and whether you’re a Democrat or Republican, it doesn’t matter. It’s about the dogs.”

There’s a lofty fundraising goal: $50,000. The candidates have raised just over $11,000 as of Friday morning with a French bulldog, Wilbur, leading the pack.

Current mayor and rescued pit-bull, Brynn, is running for reelection but she is currently trailing behind other popular candidates.

You don’t have to be a registered voter or live in Rabbit Hash to weigh in. You can vote online until 8 p.m. Tuesday.