FOR SALE: A Nevada 'Castle in the Desert' could be yours for less than 900K

An exterior shot of the Hard Luck Castle Mine, the self-sufficient doomsday prepper dream home. (Photo: Jake Rasmuson)

LAS VEGAS (KSNV) - If you've ever dreamed of owning your own castle now may be your chance.

There's one for sale right here in Nevada.

If solitude and serenity are what you're looking for, it may just be the place for you.

Many of us are already familiar with Scotty's Castle. This one's different. The man who built it still lives there. It's right in the middle of nowhere. And now after decades of enjoyment, he says he's ready to sell.

There are roads less traveled, and then there’s this. About 30-miles outside Goldfield, Nevada is a sign pointing the way to “Hard Luck Castle Mine."

No yellow brick road, only a gravel path winding 9-miles through an enchanted Joshua Tree forest and then, you arrive.

Randy Johnston is king of this castle and yes, he did build it himself. The circular citadel, a fortress in its own right, constructed with 24,000 cinder blocks, more than 7-tons of steel rebar, and floor-to-ceiling concrete poured throughout.

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Why a castle? Just because he liked the idea.

“Well, you got to see. This nut case is building this castle!", said Randy.

“And so we just kept building."

Randy was an off-roader often staying at a cabin on the property. He purchased the land back in 1989. A former gold mining claim known as the Hard Luck Mine, which was abandoned during World War II.

Mining was never Randy’s plan, however. He had a different idea, one that was drawn out by hand, then slowly put together, brick by brick.

The 8,000 square foot structure is 62-feet high and fully functional, operating on both solar and wind power. There are skylights, arched steel-plated doors and even natural ventilation on all four floors.

Altogether, it took decades to complete.

There are bathrooms on each floor, hot and cold running water from his own water tower tiled counters and walls and lots of pretty desert views.

“This is smoked glass so the neighbors can’t see me. Of course, there are no neighbors. There’s nobody for 18 miles from here", says Randy.

Throughout the castle, you’ll also find unique furnishings, collected, refurbished and ultimately installed in just the right spot.

Randy’s castle has always been open to the public. He’s offered tours collecting modest donations, even occasionally renting it out as a bed and breakfast.

Unfortunately now, he says, that’s no longer enough. His funds have run out and he’s getting up in age. He says the time has come to pass the throne.

“That’s right, the castle is for sale. Minus a drawbridge and moat, it pretty much comes with everything else", says Randy.

Including a theater organ with thousands of pipes and accessories perfectly situated inside the castle chamber.

Other extras include an indoor atrium fountain and a spiral staircase leading up to a rooftop lookout.

There’s also a movie theater and game room, woodshop and an auto shop complete with hydraulic lifts.

For those with a prospecting spirit, Randy says, he even found this large gold nugget on his property a couple of years back.

Camelot it’s not, but this desert kingdom, he says is magical and full of its own enchanting riches.

For the right price, the next would-be king will have the magic all to himself.

Randy says he's invested a little over $3.2 million on his castle. His asking price is only $850,000.

By the way, there is no private land around his plot. It's all BLM land, which means it can never be developed. You will never have to worry about neighbors.