Finals for Mario Kart-themed go-kart race coming to Las Vegas

Mushroom Rally, a go kart tournament inspired by Mario Kart, will hold its final race in Las Vegas in December 2019. (MGN Online)

A go kart racing experience styled like the famous Nintendo video game Mario Kart will come to Las Vegas later this year.

Mushroom Rally says it will host 16 heats in 16 different U.S. cities, and the finalists from each city will come to Las Vegas on Dec. 7.

According to its website, Mushroom Rally is held on custom go kart tracks that are both indoor and outdoor.

Participants will get costumes the day of the race and have a chance to play games and compete for stars to win prizes.

Racers can qualify for the one of 20 spots in the final by either getting the fastest lap time in their city, collecting the most stars or by winning a lottery into which every participant is entered.

There is no age limit for the different heats, but racers must be 21 or older to compete in the Las Vegas finale. Tickets are $55 per person in the individual heats.