WEDNESDAY'S CHILD: Clarence is a young man that is bound to go far

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Ever meet someone and just know: that person will go far? That's the case with a young man who, despite difficulty, is set to excel.

Meet this week's Wednesday's child, Clarence: A 12-year-old who hopes you'll help him score on the court of life.

We meet Clarence at Garage Kru Health and Fitness, learning the moves and the music that matches this gregarious pre-teen who is set on one day being in the NBA and winning a championship.

“If I win the championships, I can back flip on the court,” Clarence says.

This kid is a dreamer. One look in his eyes and you see, he lives his life reaching for more.

Who is Clarence? Part athlete, part sage, Clarence is old for his age. And wise.

When asked what makes a good man, he said involves caring for your girlfriend or wife, having a good job, and caring for your family.

“Respect is important,” Clarence said. “You have to treat others with respect in a good way, and not a negative”

He’s also a good student, who almost has straight A’s, with only one B+ holding him back.

So what does Clarence want in a forever family?

“A loving, caring and playful dad,” said Clarence.

Knowing that his mom loves him is also important to him.

He sees the world as a happy world, and like many kids in foster care, Clarence doesn't give up believing and knowing:

“I know that someday I'll find a family that cares about me,” Clarence says.