Vegas Lost: Sisolak talks helping local at-risk kids if elected governor


When we met up with Steve Sisolak, he had just been endorsed by former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder.

Fitting then that we talked about the justice system, one that Sisolak believes needs to focus on rehabilitation.

“I’m not saying everyone is innocent,” the candidate for governor told us. “The real violent ones we need to do something with -- but we can't lock him up and throw away the key. We need to give them a chance to rebuild, learn a trade.”

Sisolak wants to be your next governor. If he gets the job, he will take over a state facing an increase in violent crime committed by juveniles, battling overtime pay in the corrections industry, and is in the middle of redesigning the way it prosecutes and houses kids. It is unfamiliar territory for the County Commissioner.

“I’m familiar with it at the county level", Sisolak told us. “I need to expand that in the state level. It's a difficult situation, there are a lot of different factors. All I want to point out is our youth are not disposable.”

As a Clark County Commissioner, Sisolak did not oversee the justice system but he did tackle issues at a county level. Chief among them, the county's foster system and homeless youth.

“These at-risk kids for no fault of their own become at-risk. They need special attention. Special attention costs more money. That's something that we have to commit to. We need to decide if we’re going to commit to these kids; improve their quality of life and break through.”

News 3 reached out to Republican candidate Adam Laxalt in late August for this story. After several emails and phone calls, the Laxalt campaign informed us he did not have time in his schedule for an interview.