Vegas Lost: Shutdown Threats

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Vegas Lost.JPG

The shelves at the Hope Market are stacked. They don’t accept money here just follow the post-it notes and fill your cart.

One thousand families every month will walk the aisles at the Salvation Army. Now, with the Federal Government shutdown and programs like food stamps frozen with it, the Salvation Army here is preparing for more.

“Basically what we are is that bridge to get them through the end of the month", Juan Salinas told us.

The Salvation Army has found themselves on the front lines of an immigration battle. While politicians are at a stalemate over funding a border wall poor people in Las Vegas are the casualties.

Dozens of families depend on the federally funded Salvation Army rental assistance program. The non-profit pays for their rent and gives them guidance in finding a job and managing money.

The shutdown has stopped those federal dollars from coming in, which means families with kids as young as twelve now have to spend the little they can save to keep the roof over their heads.

“We’re already seeing an increase", Angel Dennis told us, “For most of these people just a one month delay is going to be detrimental. Thank God for the Salvation Army. We have funds by generous people’s donation to assist. We’re forced to help however we can but their program is at a halt and for many, that’s a very scary prospect.”