Vegas Lost: No kid in jail

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One Nevada Assemblywoman wants no kid to have to face the the inside of a jail cell. (KSNV)

Our justice system could look dramatically different in 2020.

Young offenders, juveniles convicted of a crime, could be housed closer to home.

Those charged as adults could be out of prisons and in detention centers with other juveniles. Nevada could invest millions in programs to try and keep them out of the system altogether.

A lot could change if Assemblywoman Daniele Monroe-Moreno has her way.

“It's going to take the change of mindset of some of the people currently working", the Assemblywoman told us. “The things they’ve been doing for years that may have been effective 10 or even 5 years ago aren’t as effective now and changing the way we do things.”

The former corrections worker chaired the Committee on Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice. She authored or helped author seven proposed bills and counting.

“There was a time I had the father a grandfather and a grandson all in custody at the same time", he tells us of her time in corrections.

That life they’re growing up in is the Assemblywoman’s focus. Her signature bill allows the court system to take a juvenile offender and send them to an alternative to jail.

She wants to secure $16M to expand The Harbor, a Clark County-run program that provides services to at-risk kids and their families. She wants to put what The Harbor does into statute.

“They’re not adults, they're kids. If we don’t do what we need to do now, “she pauses, “expanding The Harbor will help deal with that.”