Vegas Lost: Here's how you can help local homeless students

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Vegas Lost.jpg

Two weeks ago, we introduced you to a senior in high school who, for much of his life has been homeless.

A teenager named Yosvani Gomez, who excelled at homework without a home. Gomez is one of 15,000 homeless students in Clark County. That number is overwhelming and so is the response we got from you at home who told us you want to help.

So what can you do?

The way for the community to help is to get more involved. Advocate about it, volunteer, try and be a positive example and lastly supporting worthwhile organizations like Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth who have the outcomes who work with schools and UNLV and a slew of other partners", says Arash Ghafori.

The City of Las Vegas tells us they are working on a program to allow citizens to open up their homes to homeless youth after lengthy background checks but that program is not running yet.

Donating money and supplies to local organizations is encouraged, but time is the most valuable resource.

Ghafori urges people to get involved in homeless kids’ lives.

If you want to help, click here.