SALUTE OUR TROOPS | Local Marine Corps combat vet making a difference

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Our nominee this time is a man who served in the US Marines “Elite recon” division. He’s a combat veteran who was wounded during his service, but today still finds time to serve his community and other veterans.

“When I first graduated high school I never wanted to go into the military. You know my father was military, my brother was military. And I was like nope, I’ll just stay here in Vegas and have fun", said Jason Brooks.

Brooks thought he had a plan, but of course, plans changed. He joined the Marines. A member of the 2nd Recon Battalion, his job--mixed martial arts instructor.

“I was one of the instructors there, so just training people every day it tends to wear on your body after a bit. Some of these guys were pretty big", he said.

Jason was injured while training other marines, but quickly healed up, and was then deployed to Iraq.

“Our unit actually got a presidential unit citation for our time in Iraq in 2003. I believe we had 28 days of sustained combat", says Brooks.

After being wounded again during combat, Brooks was ultimately medically discharged.

“I didn’t want to get out of the Marine Corps. I swear I was going to die with my combat boots on. I was raring to go I loved every minute of it", says Brooks.

Brooks made the best of his circumstance and continues to do so even today.

Despite dealing with chronic pain, he volunteers at a Christian school and works as a peer group facilitator for veterans struggling with PTSD. He even helps vets who get into trouble with the law through the veterans court treatment program.

He's lived an honorable life on and off the battlefield.

If you know a military member who goes above and beyond in our community, they can be active or a veteran, someone you think deserves recognition, click here to submit a nomination.