#nocaps: what's led vegas to the stanley cup final? one man believes it's the beard

The beard.png
The beard.png

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let's face it: the golden knights have not only defied the odds, they've done what no other sports franchise has ever been able to do. the question is, how'd they do it?

at least one man believes it's in the beard.

lawrence reha runs makeshift union, a grooming salon near downtown las vegas where hockey fans and players alike come to keep their beards looking playoff proper.

"once a team enters the playoffs you stop shaving. once you're knocked out of the playoffs you're supposed to shave it off,” said lawrence.

having a beard doesn’t mean not caring for your beard, however. and makeshift union even offers special services for those whose teams have been knocked out of the playoff.

"we do maintain them, however if you come in in a kings, sharks or jets jersey we will trim it off for free,” lawrence said.

superstitious? perhaps, but not a single las vegas customer has asked for a clean shave since the playoffs began.

"i definitely don't want to jinx the knights,” lawrence said.

even some notable knights are customers here.

" deryk engeland has been here, and braydon mcnabb,” lawrence recalled. “quite a few nhlers actually. george paros from the anaheim ducks."

but no one's talking about the ducks these days. it's all about vegas, the local team, beards and all, that continues to make history.