'knight-riotti's:' las vegas-based sandwich shop changes name for stanley cup final

a capriotti's storefront has changed the name to "knightriotti's" for the stanley cup final between the vegas golden knights and washington capitals. (image courtesy capriotti's)

editor's note: the article below is written strictly in lowercase letters as part of the #nocaps movement. click here for info.

las vegas (ksnv) -- capriotti's is a las vegas-born franchise, which means a little team pride is in order for the stanley cup final.

the sandwich chain has changed its name to "knightriottis," reflecting the #nocaps movement on social media as the vegas golden knights prepare to take on the washington capitals, according to a company press release.

not only is the name of the restaurant changed, but the popular "capastrami" sub sandwich is now the "knightsastrami," and the bobbie is now the fleury, named for star goaltender marc-andre fleury.

"despite our name, capriotti’s couldn’t be more proud of our heroic, history-making las vegas team," president jason smylie said. "go knights, go!"