Investigators believe Vegas shooter planned to survive attack, may not have acted alone

Mass Shooting.png
Las Vegas mass shooter Stephen Paddock

It may not have been part of Stephen Paddock's plan to take his own life, after taking aim at the Route 91 Harvest Festival.

Sheriff Joe Lombardo indicated that something inside Stephen Paddock's 32nd-floor hotel room suggests he intended to survive the attack, even escape.

Lombardo wouldn't say what evidence led investigators to this conclusion. Investigators did indicate that some Paddock's guns jammed before police reached his room and Paddock took his own life.

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The sheriff also says they are investigating a possible accomplice. Investigators say Paddock was seen with a woman in the days leading up to the attack. They would like to talk with her.

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We also now know he gambled for hours before locking himself inside his hotel room and turning his weapon on the crowd below.

In the meantime, investigators continue to dig into Paddock’s background, including his mental health.