CONNECT TO CONGRESS: Dina Titus talks election investigation, Yucca Mountain and more


President Trump's accusations against the FBI are striking a nerve with Nevada Congresswoman Dina Titus.

Titus thinks it's the president's way of getting the pressure off of him by discrediting the ongoing investigation into Russia's meddling of our 2016 presidential election.

As you know, the president and his allies called for the investigation to end--saying it's gone on long enough.

Now, the the president says the FBI planted a spy into his campaign for political reasons.

Titus says it's wrong.

She thinks the president hopes that if he wins in the court of public opinion, the findings of the special counsel investigation won't matter, because people won't believe them.

We also asked Titus to weigh-in on everything from Yucca Mountain to her endorsement of Steve Sisolack in the governor's race.

Check out the video above.