BREED BY BLOCK: Which dogs are popular in which Las Vegas neighborhoods?

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Dogs. There's a reason we call them man's best friend - unconditional love, loyalty, and companionship. These are attributes we all love, but which dog breed is the most loved -- as in popular -- in Las Vegas?

For that answer, we analyzed every dog registration in the city.

Bernie Blanks admits there is no other dog for him: It's Shih Tzus or nothing else.

“They have everything a dog could wish for,” Bernie says.

But Bernie's not like everybody.

Cathy Brooks at the Hydrant Club downtown says we all have a type.

“Most people have a look that they like,” said Brooks. “It's no different than when people are attracted to other people, really. “

So which dog breed is most popular in your neighborhood?

Pit bulls and chihuahuas are by far the No. 1 dog in Las Vegas. There are plenty at the shelter.

After that, it depends on zip code. But it's an imperfect census. We can only map dogs in Las Vegas that actually have licenses.

The Lakes in 89117 stands out for its Yorkshire terriers.

“I believe it,” said Robin Krogman, a groomer at Shaggy Shaggy Shake. “I believe it because we get a lot of them in here.”

Statastics indicate people in Centennial Hills go for labradors, like Max, who belongs to Taylor Leclere.

“He kind of thinks he's a lap dog,” said Taylor. “He will sit in my lap.”

Lucky for Taylor, she is his favorite pillow!

“It feels like an 8-year-old on your lap, kind of,” Leclere laughed.

Dachshunds are somewhat popular in the northwest. Statistics indicate that at least 70 of them live in zip code 89129.

On the east side, German Shepherds rule 89110. They're also king in 89130, and at David Morehouse's home.

“They're an amazing animal. They think how we think,” said Morehouse. “You have to be capable of devoting a good amount of time to them.”

The third most popular dog in Las Vegas? Mixes. It turns out our city has a soft spot for mutts.

Imperfect as the numbers may be, Las Vegas tracks licensed dogs, mostly to learn how many have rabies vaccines.

“[Rabies] can be transmitted from animals to people,” said Dr. Ken Sieranski with the Animal Foundation. “So it's super important and it's also the law for every dog, cat and ferret to be vaccinated for rabies.”

As for Bernie, it's all about Shih Tzus in his house. They sit, stay, even help pop the question.

Bernie’s boyfriend made it official.

“On Easter, he proposed to me,” Bernie said. “She was my engagement ring.”

A proposal with a puppy -- a dog, he says, is better than a diamond.