Backstage with Earth Wind & Fire: Their key to decades of success

Backstage with Earth Wind & Fire: Their key to decades of success

Following six sold-out shows in 2018, the iconic group Earth Wind & Fire is back on the Strip and performing their hits in a limited residency at the Venetian Theater.

They had a successful opening night on Wednesday, playing to an audience that was comprised of people of all different ages.

The artists say it’s the music that transcends time.

News 3 had a chance to watch and record soundcheck with the legendary group.

Designing and setting the stage for them is no easy feat, and they’re just as serious during practice, bringing out all the elements.

One of the top-selling musical groups of all time, Earth Wind & Fire are still performing sold-out shows more than 50 years after they first hit the scene.

“It’s the music. It’s always the music. It’s not you know, anything mysterious. It’s the music. People resonate with the music,” said Verdine White, a founding member, and bassist with the group.

White said they play for everyone.

“It’s everybody. It’s young, middle age, millennials. You know, everything. It looks like America. It looks like the world,” said White.

Blending musical genres, they’ve done it all and everyone knows the words. “September is the one.,” White said. He added that music knows no time. “Oh that came out in 1978, but I still like it a lot.”

Now, they’re able to connect with even more fans because of social media.

“They’re right there with you while you’re doing the show," White said. "They’re looking and they’re going back in history.”

In a city that is constantly evolving and looking to the future, Live Nation said bands like Earth Wind & Fire are not only still relevant, but profitable.

Perhaps this means another residency in the future?

“That’s the hope," said Billy Conn with Live Nation. "As the public keeps buying tickets, we want them to keep coming back but their demand around the country and around the world keeps them and they can only tour so much.”

There are still a handful of shows left and some tickets. For more information visit: