Rape Crisis Center encouraging everyday citizens to be active bystanders

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Where once it may have been considered a taboo subject, now more than ever people are speaking out.

In the news, victims have come forward with disturbing allegations of sexual assault, allegations against celebrities like Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey, and politicians like Alabama Senator Roy Moore.

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Rape Crisis Center Director Daniele Dreitzer believes what needs to take place is a culture of change, one where everyday citizens become active bystanders.

“We talk about even those famous people or VIP’s who may be at our properties, that we can’t look the other way when they’re engaging in inappropriate behavior,” said Dreitzer.

In Las Vegas, the Rape Crisis Center partners with Metro police to teach classes where hotel employees learn to spot warning signs, dangerous behaviors like excessive purchasing of alcohol, and subtle forms of manipulation that can lead to assault.

“What we might do at that point is deter someone from becoming a victim, and that’s huge right there,” said Richard Strader, V.P. of Security at Hard Rock Hotel.

Last year alone in Las Vegas, there were 153-assaults documented at local bars, hotels, and clubs. Thanks to the RCC/Metro type of training, there were 21 interventions.

Daniele is hopeful recent news event and growing awareness will ultimately lead to fewer crimes.

“We have to call it out, we have to address it when we see it, and that in and of itself is going to prevent so many of these situations from moving forward,” said Dreitzer.

In addition to training and education, the Rape Crisis Center offers counseling and assistance to victims. If you know someone in need of help they have a 24-hotline, call 702-366-1640.