Ready, set, go: Iowa chooses, while Nevada waits in the wings

Iowa Caucus.JPG
What happens in Iowa tonight will not stay there

Somebody in Sioux City, Iowa...

“Hi, this is Bernard."

Is getting a call...

“Got ya, you're still undecided, totally understand”

...from a storefront on Charleston.

“Hi, is this Ronald?"

This is how the local Pete Buttigieg campaign is spending this Monday: campaign workers in a strip mall office are calling Iowans a couple of thousand miles away.

“65-plus staff, and volunteers calling into Iowa throughout the day, so yeah, I think we're gonna make a lot of calls, talk to a lot of people and hopefully convince a lot of people to caucus for Pete tonight,” says Nevada campaign spokesperson Olivia Bercow.

For the Buttigieg campaign, a win tonight, or a strong showing would solidify the standing of the former South Bend, Indiana mayor as he kicks off the Democratic nominating contest. We didn't canvas all the local campaigns in town, but there's a good chance this isn't the only one racking up a phone bill today to Iowa.

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That's because what happens in Iowa tonight will not stay there: it will set the table for the Democratic nomination.

Iowa tonight. New Hampshire next Tuesday. And then Nevada on Feb. 22.

“Iowa probably isn't going to settle a lot for Nevada. Nevada may settle a bit more,” says UNLV associate professor of history Michael Green. He says Nevada will provide candidates who stumble or succeed in the first two contests, either redemption or affirmation.

“Nevada could be very meaningful for the candidate. Look back to 2016 when Hillary Clinton was wobbly after the first two, and winning Nevada got her back on track,” says Green.

Early voting in our caucus begins Feb. 15 at 80 sites. Caucus day will have 250 sites.

It's crunch time for the Nevada Democratic Party as it enters the final preparations to make sure its caucus runs smoothly. Among Iowa's lessons tonight: how will a new web-based app used by the Iowa Democratic Party to report results work. Nevada will be using something similar.

In Iowa, if you believe the polls, Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg, and Elizabeth Warren round out the top four. Here in Nevada, polls show the same quartet, with Tom Steyer rising.

However, polls are mere snapshots: actual voting could yield surprises.

In the meantime, we watch and wait to see who wins tonight, who survives and continues, for the Nevada choice, coming soon.