Nevada Caucus early voting begins Saturday, will use paper ballots

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The Nevada Democratic Party says it's prepared for early voting in the state's presidential caucus. (KSNV)

Nevada’s Democratic Party has announced new paper-based balloting for its early vote starting Saturday, in place of an app.

Earlier this month the NV Dems said Nevada will not have the same problems as Iowa, and they are making sure of it by getting back to the basics: paper ballots.

Nevada Democratic Party Chairman William McCurdy II says what happened in Iowa will not happen here.

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"We’ve been training our volunteers since this summer, and the process that we’re going through right now is making sure that everyone is familiar with executing not only the early vote but also executing a successful caucus day," McCurdy said.

The party originally planned to use an app similar to the one used in Iowa that was supposed to calculate results more efficiently -- but a bug led to chaos, delaying results by more than a day.

So, here’s what’s going to happen now:

Early voting will take place for four days. Volunteers will use iPads to check in voters.

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Each voter will get a card with a voter registration ID number and a pin. The voter will enter in that information when checking in online via a Google form.

The voter will then fill out paper ballots ranking. Paper ballots will then go to processing hubs and be scanned to get voting results. McCurdy II compared the ballot to a "scantron" used in testing.

The data collected from early voting won’t be shared until the main caucuses start on February 22.

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