Hands-on Civics Lesson: Las Vegas caucus site run by high school students

Rancho Caucus.PNG
The site had a unique set of volunteers Saturday. (KSNV)

The early voting, the re-worked calculating process, were all tested at hundreds of caucus sites.

One was at Rancho High School in downtown Las Vegas.

The site had a unique set of volunteers Saturday.

We always hear the importance of young people getting involved in politics.

The site leader at the high school took a different approach at this caucus location, all but two volunteers were high school students.

"The reason I decided to participate is because I for some reason wanted to get involved with politics,” said 17-year-old Angela Rios, who served as a precinct chair. “It's just really interesting seeing how this is our future."

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With the chaos that happened in Iowa, the site leader says there was no better group to help run things than these teens.

"If anyone can do math it's these young folks who are taking geometry and math classes at the moment," said Reuben D’Silva.

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak stopped by to meet the volunteers.

"It's a long time ago I was a sophomore in high school,” he said. “But there were a lot of things I would have rather done on a Saturday morning than come help at a caucus. I give them so much credit."

They weren’t the only ones who gave up their weekend as all eyes are on the Silver State.

Voters came in to caucus for their candidates of choice.

Bernie Sanders was the big winner at Rancho, winning eight precincts and splitting two with Tom Steyer and former Vice President Joe Biden.

"Bernie Sanders, we won our precinct. It was a landslide," said Amanda Rodriguez, who caucused for Sanders on Saturday.

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Volunteers say they are happy with the way things went.

"It went beyond my expectations and I think the iPads really helped," said Yoselin Herrera Uribe, a precinct chair and student at Rancho High School.