Stars of Batwoman, Nancy Drew talk about their upcoming series

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Heather Sunday story.PNG

Two new shows are coming to the CW -- one that will shake up the comic world a bit, and another bringing a classic book series to life.

“I think if you’re a Batman fan, you can expect in that realm to be true to form for that universe,” Rachel Skarsten said.

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Skarsten plays the villain opposite Ruby Rose, who stars as Batwoman.

“I think it’s wonderful,” said Skarsten. “I think it’s so great, and I am so proud to be part of a show that’s not only girl power but also representing the first LGBT superhero. I just think it’s so cool.”

Skarsten says they honor the comic, but bring a new twist to it.

Also bringing a new twist to an old classic is Nancy Drew.

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“Even if you never read one of the books, the show is incredibly mysterious, it’s funny, it’s spooky, so I think you’re laughing one second and then jumping out of your seat the next,” says Scott Wolf.

"Party of Five's" Scott Wolf stars with Kennedy McMann, who’s taking the reigns in the supernatural murder mystery.

“She’s living in the modern era, but she’s just the same fearless, commanding, wonderful, dedicated, empathetic, tenacious person that she’s always been,” Kennedy McMann said.

Catch Batwoman on Sunday nights, and Nancy Drew on Wednesdays.