Story of America's game gets a twist with new CW series 'All American'

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"All American" stars Daniel Ezra and Taye Diggs talk about the new series.{ }

It’s the story of America’s game. This fall, the CW is running a new play with a slightly familiar twist. "All American" starring Taye Diggs, is a high school drama, but inspired by the life of an NFL player.

Recruited from South Crenshaw High to join a team in Beverly Hills, Spencer James has a lot riding on this unprecedented opportunity. But it’s not without strife.

Heather Mills sat down with the stars of the show. She asked, “What do you think people will relate to, in both of your characters where people can say, I’m like him?”

Daniel Ezra said, “There’s a character for everyone in the show.” He plays Spencer James.

Taye Diggs said, “All of these characters are put in these positions where you can feel for them. You’re rooting for them but at the same time, it’s not over the top.”

Because it’s inspirited by the life of NFL player Spencer Paysinger, it’s stepped in reality. Diggs said, “As an actor, a lot of times, you’re reading something and you’re like, this wouldn’t really happen. But in this case, it has happened so it just helps fuel us.”

He plays Coach Billy Baker.

“We have our issues,” Ezra said of their characters. Diggs added, “(it’s) very realistic in that respect.”

Ezra admits they do have some stunt doubles for some of the gridiron action. He said, “We’re always begging, can I run this one? Can I run this one?”

Diggs said, “We got really lucky because these cats can move.”

Catch All American on the CW, Wednesday nights.