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Lake Havasu police release video of officer shooting suspect inside Hobby Lobby

Sgt. Jacobs said "drop it" multiple times before the shooting, and later claimed the suspect, 29-year-old{ }Jon Steven Douglas, was reaching for a gun. No weapon was found at the scene. (MCSO)

A Dec. 10 confrontation between a wanted man and two Lake Havasu City Police officers ended with an officer-involved shooting. Now, the Mohave County Sheriff's Office has released the bodycam footage.

According to a release sent out by MCSO, officers spotted 29-year-old Jon Steven Douglas inside a Hobby Lobby in Lake Havasu on December 10. Douglas reportedly was wanted on "active felony arrest warrants."

The newly-released footage shows Sergeant Brian Jacobs, a 13-year veteran of LHCPD, approach Jacobs with his gun drawn.

Douglas ran from Sergent Jacobs, who followed him around the corner into another aisle. Sergent Jacobs found Douglas struggling with another officer, and shot Douglas once in the abdomen. The entire incident lasted about eight seconds.

Sergent Jacobs is heard yelling "drop it" multiple times during the confrontation and claimed afterward that Douglas "threw something," and that he was reaching for a gun.

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"I can't move," Douglas is heard saying after the shooting.

"I know you can't, 'cause I shot you! You ******* reached for a gun," Sergeant Jacobs said in response.

"I don't have a gun," Douglas said.

An unidentified black object, resembling a smartphone, was seen falling to the ground shortly before the shooting as Sergeant Jacobs yelled "drop it!" MCSO reports that Douglas was later determined to not have a weapon.

No information about this object has been released by MCSO, nor has the office stated whether this is the same object that Douglas is seen holding at the beginning of the confrontation.

MCSO did not specify what charges Douglas was wanted for. However, court records show two felony filings in August for a 29-year-old Jon Steven Douglas, both on charges of Unlawful Flight From Pursuing Law Enforcement Vehicle. These charges, which were both filed on August 19, were filed alongside misdemeanor charges for Reckless Driving and Failure to Obey A Police Officer.

Sergent Jacobs and the other unidentified officer were placed on administrative leave following the shooting. MCSO reports that the incident is still under investigation and will be forwarded to e Mohave County Attorney’s Office for review.

Douglas was transported to a local hospital in critical condition. He was later sent to the Mohave County Adult Detention Facility.