Hooters Casino Hotel is donating $103,373.32 to the Vegas Victims Fund


Hooters Casino Hotel was affected deeply by the events of October 1. Several employees were present at the concert, know people who were injured, and provided comfort and shelter to hundreds of concert goers that streamed through the hotel in the immediate aftermath.

Hooters' management team, led by Simon Sloman, reacted professionally and with compassion taking care of our guests, team members, and concert-goers.

The ownership of Hooters Casino Hotel wanted to do more so they embarked on a fundraising campaign supported by their ownership, our hotel management company (Associated Hotels), their gaming partner (Paragon Gaming) and their franchise partner. (Hooters of America). Through the effort of these partners, our team members and our guests we raised just over $103,000 for the victims of the shooting.

Clark County Commission Chairman Steve Sisolak and Sheriff Joe Lombardo are responsible for starting the Las Vegas Victims’ Fund. The deadline to make any additional contributions to the fund is Wednesday, Jan. 31.

The LVVF includes money raised through the GoFundMe account created by Clark County Commission Chairman Steve Sisolak and Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo, and funds contributed to the Direct Impact Fund, the National Compassion Fund and other accounts.

Those impacted by 1 October may also access resources and assistance at the Vegas Strong Resiliency Center, located at the Lied Building, 2nd Floor, 1524 Pinto Lane, Las Vegas, NV 89106 or accessed through the following website: