CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Krispy Kreme employee attacked by customer

This man is the suspect in an attack of a Krispy Kreme employee. (Photos provided)

An attack on a Krispy Kreme worker in the east Las Vegas valley sends the victim in the hospital.

In the cellphone video, a man is seen throwing punches on the helpless employee at the store location near South Eastern Avenue and Silverado Ranch Road.

The 22-year-old victim never imagined a day at work at the Krispy Kreme would end up with him in the hospital. The victim, seen in the video wearing a red shirt and black hat, tried to get a group of rowdy customers out of the shop — but the video shows a man without a shirt running after him.

The man, who stood at least 6-foot-4, started throwing a barrage of punches at the Krispy Kreme worker.

"He received some pretty bad blows, hits to the face to the head ... swollen nose ... possibly a black eye," said Mark Sabella, the victim's father.

Sabella said he can't believe the images from the video. Sabella says his son was just trying to keep the peace at his workplace when everything turned into chaos.

"My son informed them that they needed to get out or they would call the police,” Sabella said. “And that's when this gentleman went berserk."

Sabella says he does not know if his son will ever return to work: "He's still a little nervous from the ordeal."

Sabella said hopes the man who attacked his son is put behind bars. Sabella has a message for the brawler.

"This is the last time you are going to do something like this,” he said. “It's never going to happen again. I'm going to make sure of it."